be your own kind of beautiful


Never forget that your perfections are your peculiarities and flaws are to fall in love with. Anything you vary in is your talent. No one is you and that is your power. Forget about what people think. Keep close to things that make you glad you were born in this world. Surround yourself with what makes you grin. Heal yourself, find yourself, get to know yourself, learn to correct but not hurt yourself, love yourself and always, always respect yourself. Don’t have a fear of being yourself. Just do your thing and don’t care if the rest of the world likes it or not, it’s all for you. It’s none of your business what people say and think of you. You are what you are, and you do what you do. We’re lucky to be born at a time when we’re allowed to do, wear and say whatever we want to. Remember: different is attractive. Other people’s beauty isn’t the lack of yours. Whatever happens, keep growing and caring for yourself. Go and be your own sun and never ever be afraid of showing the world who you are. Stop comparing yourself to others, stop underestimating your power, stop despising the wonderful person you are. Dare be yourself, dare be different, dare do what others wouldn’t. If you want to, be like a Supreme x Louis Vuitton handbag (without reference to Vogue’s opinion of the entire collection) and don’t care if it disgratifies anyone. You can be a classic pearl necklace, similar to Coco’s very first iconic pieces and you shouldn’t care about those who underrate the beauty of the ancient. Break the rules and never forget how our idols became enduringly memorable.  Hence, alas, we weren’t born with appearance reflecting what is inside, it is our assignment to look like the person we’ve always craved to be. Go and show who you are. Wear sweatpants and a luxury bag with a price covering a lawyer’s monthly salary. Together. If you want to. Busy yourself with learning a language no one else sees any sense to learn, if you want to. Vote in favour of a political system that is not the interest of your family but you would benefit from. Don’t be afraid of not starting a conversation by saying hi if you don’t feel like doing it. Just say what you mean when not being in the mood of doing small talk. People who’re actually meant to keep you company will love you regardless of what you do.


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