about creativity

Although in my own short lifetime, I haven’t done anything significant to exhibit on a large scale, I have always considered myself a creative human being, spending hours at the table, designing clothes or buildings even as a child. However I have long been fascinated by even the word ‘creative’ itself, I still cannot describe what creativity means. According to Thesaurus, being innovative, original, productive, visionary, imaginative. If you’re creative, you create. It’s also highly related to intelligence, as the new ideas creativity is literally dedicated to are born in the mind, through a significant mental process of connecting existing concepts. To simplify it: in your head, before a groundbreaking idea comes to life, your mind first reviews all the previous ideas you collected before. You aggregate knowledge.

Creativity is knowing how to hide your sources. (C.E.M. Joad)

I truly believe that a creative life opens a huge amount of doors. A creative person is more likely to find a solution or a shelter when any problem arises. As for the future, I think creativity is key. As we might make all our objects smarter and more practical by design in the coming decades, the human race needs to be more inventive. To get with it, we have to both accept and support sustainable growth. We are in need of innovative-minded people, artists and great thinkers to create a better reality and a more liveable world for all of us.

Is creativity necessarily related to art? I don’t think so. It can also be being able to find a key to a seemingly unsolvable issue or to see the hidden connection between two things intensely differing from each other. From a number of articles in connection with the topic, I’ve learned that to advance one’s creativity, a lot of training exercises can be done.

  1. Focus on a purpose, such as designing a box for cereals, writing a novel or founding an enterprise. Choose a random word from the dictionary and try to build concepts related to it and to the purpose.
  2. Pick a random object and try to find as many forms of its application as you can, within a given timeframe.
  3. Write a story in 6 words or 160 characters.
  4. Pick a location. Stand in that one spot without moving your feet and take two dozen photographs.
  5. Forced connections: list a bunch random items and pick two or more of them. Explore different ways they can be related to each other.
  6. With a group of creative-minded individuals, a ‘brain-writing’ game can be played. Everyone writes down an idea (any idea, or related to a certain problem, it’s up to you) on a sheet of paper. Then each piece of paper changes hand, allowing everyone to add an own idea. This process is repeated until everyone has had a chance to contribute to each idea.
  7. Collect random materials (from the recycling bin) to work with. The more varying the kinds of materials are the better. Think of a simple shape (such as a star, a heart, a lightbulb or an elephant) and try to create as many versions of it as possible in an hour from the equipment you collected.
  8. Draw anything for 10 minutes without erasing and judging.
  9. Keep drawing anything with as many different techniques as you can.
  10. Google entopic graphomania.
  11. Read a book or an article you would never read by yourself, listen to music differing from your taste.

Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. Devour old films, new films, music, books, paintings, photographs, poems, dreams, random conversations, architecture, bridges, street signs, trees, clouds, bodies of water, light and shadows. Select only things to steal from that speak directly to your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft) will be authentic. Authenticity is invaluable; originality is non-existent. And don’t bother concealing your thievery – celebrate it if you feel like it. In any case, always remember what Jean-Luc Godard said: “It’s not where you take things from – it’s where you take them to.” (Jim Jarmusch)

Despite of the fact that your creativity is not your genuineness, it’s one of your most valuable skills. Your mind is the selected collection of all the fabric you’ve ever been effected by, and it’s unique. Appreciate this. Be glad to be who you are, for what you and only you can create, for your peerless work of art, for your unexampled thoughts. Once something has gone through your inimatable mind and has been formed by your intelligence and memory, it’s not what it used to be. It’s yours.

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be your own kind of beautiful


Never forget that your perfections are your peculiarities and flaws are to fall in love with. Anything you vary in is your talent. No one is you and that is your power. Forget about what people think. Keep close to things that make you glad you were born in this world. Surround yourself with what makes you grin. Heal yourself, find yourself, get to know yourself, learn to correct but not hurt yourself, love yourself and always, always respect yourself. Don’t have a fear of being yourself. Just do your thing and don’t care if the rest of the world likes it or not, it’s all for you. It’s none of your business what people say and think of you. You are what you are, and you do what you do. We’re lucky to be born at a time when we’re allowed to do, wear and say whatever we want to. Remember: different is attractive. Other people’s beauty isn’t the lack of yours. Whatever happens, keep growing and caring for yourself. Go and be your own sun and never ever be afraid of showing the world who you are. Stop comparing yourself to others, stop underestimating your power, stop despising the wonderful person you are. Dare be yourself, dare be different, dare do what others wouldn’t. If you want to, be like a Supreme x Louis Vuitton handbag (without reference to Vogue’s opinion of the entire collection) and don’t care if it disgratifies anyone. You can be a classic pearl necklace, similar to Coco’s very first iconic pieces and you shouldn’t care about those who underrate the beauty of the ancient. Break the rules and never forget how our idols became enduringly memorable.  Hence, alas, we weren’t born with appearance reflecting what is inside, it is our assignment to look like the person we’ve always craved to be. Go and show who you are. Wear sweatpants and a luxury bag with a price covering a lawyer’s monthly salary. Together. If you want to. Busy yourself with learning a language no one else sees any sense to learn, if you want to. Vote in favour of a political system that is not the interest of your family but you would benefit from. Don’t be afraid of not starting a conversation by saying hi if you don’t feel like doing it. Just say what you mean when not being in the mood of doing small talk. People who’re actually meant to keep you company will love you regardless of what you do.


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Future is all about technology, internet and robots. Soon, we’ll be given the opportunity to use high quality artifical intelligences that, among others, revolutionize health care and hospitality. And, it may sound weird, but years or decades from now, it’ll be evident that everyone knows how to code.
I found Technology Will Saves Us a while ago. They’re selling crafting packages for building toys/machines that can tell us when a plant needs to be wateres, for example, but we also can make game consols or instruments. There are kits for even 4-year-olds, but the most complicated packs are only advised to be bought for children who are more than 12. Prices are between £ 17 and 70 (about € 20-80 or $ 22-91) and all kits include creative description to make the project done. First, the hardver part needs to be done, then comes programming (in most cases). These are not only toys but also educational tech devices that, as the sky is the limit when making, develop creative thinking skills. On the blog of TechWillSaveUs, editors grapple with topics such as the importance of creativity and crafting in schools. TechWillSaveUs.com also sells group education boxes for workshops that are specially made for kindergartens, schools and camps. Maybe these are a bit expensive (in Hungary) now to be used only a few times on technology or information technology lessons by a class, but this is a great chance and experience for both children and their educators.
I would really love to try a craft like these, for example Thirsty Plant Kit looks easy and it’s so nice, I also love Mover Kit that is available from October, but for me, the absolute perfect kit is micro:bit Activity Kit. Give TWSU a try and become one of the #FutureInventors!


A jövő a technológiáé, az interneté és a robotoké. Hamarosan már olyan magas színvonalú mesterséges intelligenciákat használhatunk, amelyek forradalmasítják (többek között) az egészségügyet és a vendéglátást. Néhány év-évtized múlva pedig már elengedhetetlenek lesznek a programozási ismeretek.
Nemrég találtam rá a Technology Will Save Us nevű cégre. Különféle szerkezetekké összeépíthető csomagokat árulnak, van például olyan, amelyik jelez, ha az egyik növényünket meg kell locsolni, de lehet játékkonzolt és hangszert is készíteni.  Van olyan kit, amely már 4 éves korban is használható, a legbonyolultabb csomagok viszont csak 12 évnél idősebbek számára ajánlottak. Az árak 17 és 70 £ (nagyjából 6 000-25 000 HUF) körül mozognak, minden csomaghoz kreatív leírás tartozik. Először el kell készíteni a hardver részt, majd (a legtöbb esetben) szoftvert csinálni hozzá. Ez nem csak játék, hanem oktatóeszköz is, amivel fejlődik a kreatív gondolkodás, hiszen a saját kezűleg gyártott gépet számtalan irányba fejleszthetjük és akár saját alkatrészeinkkel is kiegészíthetjük. A webshophoz tartozó blog írói olyan témákat érintenek, mint a kreativitás fontossága vagy az iskolákban való barkácsolás. A TechWillSaveUs.com árul csoportos csomagokat is, amelyek kifejezetten barkácsolást “kínáló” óvodáknak, iskoláknak, táboroknak készültek. Talán ezek a csomagok (nálunk) egyelőre drágának számítanak ahhoz, hogy egy-egy osztály csak néhány informatika- vagy technika órát szánjon rájuk, de ez mindenképpen hatalmas lehetőség és élmény mind a gyerekek, mind az oktatóik számára.
Én szívesen megpróbálnék egy ilyen crafttel, a Thirsty Plant Kit például egészen egyszerűnek tűnik és rendkívül aranyos, az ősszel megjelenő Mover Kit is nagyon tetszik, de nálam az abszolút befutó talán a micro:bit Activity Kit. Hajrá #FutureInventors!

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an architecture genius

Watching architect Ole Scheeren‘s September 2015 TEDTalk “Why great architecture should tell a story” made me realize that the society of a building is as much important as the structure and the materials the building was made of. Ole Scheeren, leader of architecture firm Büro Ole Scheeren, want to create comfortable, useful and friendly social places that can be an integral part of urban existence and that can be in balance with their environment.
For me, one of his most impressive works was The Interlace, located in Singapore, which is a residental zone and a vertical village. 1,040 apartments in 31 blocks, each 6 stories tall. The Interlace generates a space of both togetherness and individual privacy: there’re pools, tennis courts, social facilities, rest places and eating possibilites. In the audience, the designer presented the amazing result of a green area test. After building the green terraces, there were 112% of green space (the original surface of the building site multiplied by 1.12). A complex, full of culture, nature and future. It’s built, you can explore it here (with that pretty little orange man).
Another marvellous work of his is the Collaborative Cloud (or Axel Springer Cloud), a Berlin-based workplace for a German media company. It’s all about the collective experience, the communication and the central space. It’s so comfortable and human-like.
There’s 1500 West Georgia project which takes place in the City of Glasses, in one of the world’s most livable areas, in Vancouver. It’s a residental tower, a high rise surrounded by water, nature and all Canada. 1500 West Georgia is another amazing piece of artwork in a urban environment made by Ole Scheeren.
The architect also loves outdoor cinemas. He created and built Mirage City Cinema in Cairo in 2013 and Archipelago Cinema in Thailand a year earlier. Both projects are available and viewable on his website.


Ole Scheeren építész 2015. szeptemberi TEDTalk-ja, a “Why great architecture should tell a story” rádöbbentett, hogy egy épület közössége épp ugyanolyan fontos, mint a szerkezet és az építéskor felhasznált anyagok. Ole Scheeren, a Bürö Ole Scheeren vezető építészet olyan kényelmes, hasznos és barátságos közösségi helyeket szeretne teremteni, amelyek könnyedén beépülhetnek a városi létbe, és amelyek harmóniában vannak a környezetükkel.
Nekem a legjobban talán a szingapúri The Interlace projektje tetszik, ami egy lakóövezet, egy apró falu néhány négyzetkilométeren. 1,040 apartman 31 (6 emeletes) tömbben. Ez egy olyan hely, ahol megvan az együttlét és a privát szféra érzése is, ráadásul rengeteg a lehetőség: medencék, teniszpályák, közösségi létesítmények, pihenőhelyek és étkezők. Az előadásban a tervező bemutatta a zöld tér teszt meglepő eredményét is. Miután megépültek a teraszok, a telek 112%-a lett parkosított (a telek eredeti felszíne, megszorozva 1.12-vel, azaz több, mint az építkezés előtt). Egy komplexum, tele kultúrával, természettel és innovációval. Mindez megépült, itt fel is lehet fedezni (a kis narancssárga emberkével).
Egy másik lenyűgöző munka: a Collaborative Cloud (vagy Axel Springer Cloud) Berlinben. Egy német médiacég székháza, egy hely, ahol a közös élménynek, a kommunikációnak és a kiterjedésnek van a legnagyobb szerepe. Kényelmes és emberi.
Ott van az 1500 West Georgia projekt, ami az Üvegek Városában, a Föld egyik legélhetőbb zónájában, Vancouverben foglalhat helyet. Ez egy toronyház, egy magas lakóépület a víz, a természet és Kanada ölén. Egy újabb mestermű a városi környezetben, Ole Scheerentől.
Az építész szereti további a kültéri mozikat. Ő tervezte és építette a Mirage City Cinemát 2013-ban Kairóban, valamint egy évvel korábban az Archipelago Cinemát Thaiföldön. Mindkét munka elérhető és megtekinthető a honlapján.


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